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Letter from Sheriff Jason Knight, 


There has been discussion around the State of Missouri regarding the Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I) requesting the Sheriffs of the State of Missouri to provide records of conceal carry permit holders (CCW). 


The F.B.I. has made a request to audit the records of a few Sheriffs in Missouri. Putnam County was not one selected as part of the audit, so no request for our records have been made. 


As Sheriff, I will say that the records are protected under Missouri law.  The law prohibits the release of this information, and as your Sheriff, I will not provide records indicating which residents of Putnam County are CCW holders. Also as a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment,  I will support the protection of your rights. 


When someone is applying for a CCW permit they must provide a fingerprint background check that is sent to the State of Missouri and the F.B.I. The background check is used to determine if the person applying for a CCW has a criminal record anywhere in the United States. This background check is done under a particular statute that indicates it is for a CCW holder. I am told these records (Fingerprints) are not maintained after the search is completed.  The results of the background checks are then sent to the Sheriff's Office, then I use the information to determine if the person is eligible or ineligible for a permit. 


If there is an issuance of a permit, the permit is valid for five years. During those five years, the permit holder must continue to meet certain qualifications. One of the qualifications is to not commit certain criminal offenses which would disqualify a person from possessing a permit. 


After five years the permit expires or will need to be renewed. During the renewal process, a name and date of birth search is conducted through a system run by the Missouri State Highway Patrol which checks criminal records. 


Again as your Sheriff, I will not release the names of the people I have issued CCW permits to.  If ever requested to do so in an audit, Missouri statute prohibits the release of this information, and my office will not provide the names of CCW permit holders. These statutes are in place by legislation that was passed by the citizens of Missouri and the Legislators you vote into office in this State. 




Jason Knight